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Our audiological services are designed to offer you the best impartial advice for your hearing. 

We always put the patient first and you can rest assured that our experienced hearing aid audiologists will provide a fully professional service from the initial consultation to fitting, as well as ongoing support for all your future hearing needs. 

Hear Always provides the most advanced digital hearing aid systems from world leading manufacturers such as Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, GN ReSound and Starkey. We tailor each device to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

Contact us today to book your complimentary hearing assessment and see if we can improve your quality of life. 


Improve your connections with people and the outside world with our Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs).


Our wide range of wireless hearing aid accessories make your hearing experience even better. They are designed to work together, seamlessly, with your hearing aids.

Choose the accessories that fit your lifestyle.

Smart App for Apple Phone

Control the smartest hearing aids straight from your phone. 


Multi Mic

Enjoy exceptional speech understanding and focus on the sounds you want to hear, even in noisy places. 


Phone Clip+

Make crystal-clear phone calls, mute background noise and stream music, podcasts or any other audio from your phone. 


Remote Control 2

Adjust the volume or mute your hearing aids, change programmes, and see all your settings at a glance. 


TV Streamer 2

Stream stereo sound directly from your TV, computer, or music system to your hearing aids. 

At Eyeglass, we're proud to offer a fantastic hearing health care service for all our valued patients and families. Our audiologists are highly trained to offer you the highest quality of hearing care, as well as impartial advice for your hearing difficulties.


Our partnership with Hear Always offers you a complimentary hearing consultation and a continued range of services that include: 

COMPLIMENTARY Hearing Consultation

EAR WAX Removal by Microsuction

FULL Aftercare Service

HEARING Protection Devices

DISCREET Hearing Aids

ASSISTIVE Listening Devices (ALDs) 

If you think your hearing may have deteriorated, it is important to have it checked professionally as soon as possible. Our audiologists will be able to advise how you can look after your valuable sense of hearing now and in your future. 

If the audiologist suspects that you may have a condition that requires medical attention, they will advise you to see a medical specialist and assist you through the process. 



 During the appointment your audiologist will check the overall health of your ears. 

A brief medical history will be taken, the integrity of your ears and eardrum will be checked with Otoscopy. 

Your hearing will then be checked at various pitches and tones; these are played through headphones and your responses will be recorded on an audiogram. Based on the results your audiologist will recommend the next steps to keep your ears and hearing healthy and optimal. 

We do a full diagnostic audiometry examination to find out exactly what has gone wrong with your hearing. We then conduct a range of assessments to find out how that has affected your ability to: 

Understand speech in quiet surroundings; 

Understand speech in more challenging and noisy places;

Cope with fatigue from wearing a hearing system in a noisy environment for a prolonged period;

Respond to the new hearing levels and make sense of words again - assessed through an aided word recognition test. 


Ear wax is entirely natural and is produced by your ears in order to protect them from infections. 

Microsuction is a safe, efficient and comfortable method of wax removal; no liquids are used during the procedure. This means that the procedure is clean, and non-invasive. It also allows us to clearly see the ear canal while we work, making it an exceptionally safe procedure.


It's quick and painless, often taking no more than a few minutes. 


Hearing aids so tiny, no one will notice you're wearing them! 


Custom-made for you;

Discreet and comfortable;

Completely invisible in most ears.

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